UCL Energy Institute


CO2 targets trajectories and trends for international shipping


25 May 2015

The Shipping in Changing Climates (SCC) project connects the latest climate change science with knowledge, understanding and models of the shipping sector in a whole systems approach. It seeks to explore the potential to cut CO2 through the use of technical and operational changes in shipping and to understand how the sector might transition to a more resilient and low-carbon future; it also seeks to explore different climate change scenarios and related food and fuel security issues to gain an understanding of the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on the shipping sector. These scenarios can be used to build evidence and understanding around the range of potential future directions that the shipping industry may take. The RCUK Energy funded project brings together researchers from UCL (Energy Institute, Mechanical Engineering and Laws), Manchester, Southampton, Newcastle and Strathclyde, in close collaboration with a core industry stakeholder group of Shell, Lloyd’s Register, Rolls Royce, BMT and Maritime Strategies International, but drawing on the expertise and connections of over 35 companies and organisations worldwide. This paper is non-peer- reviewed and represents the collective opinions of the authors and should not be assumed to represent the views of all the researchers across the project or the project’s industry partners and their organisations.

CO2 targets trajectories and trends for international shipping.

Smith, T.W.P., Traut, M., Bows-Larkin, A., Anderson, K., McGlade, C., Wrobel, P. (2015)

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