UCL Energy Institute


A novel post-processing contaminant transport and decay model for EnergyPlus


23 June 2014

This paper introduces PolyPol, a post-processing tool that calculates the transport and deposition of an unlimited number of contaminants from airflow data output from EnergyPlus simulations. In addition, the model is able to use data on temperature and humidity-related airborne pathogen decay or chemical reaction rates to estimate the loss or gain of species over time. An initial intermodel validation between the EnergyPlus Generic Contaminant Model, CONTAM, and PolyPol is performed, and the importance of dynamic indoor temperatures and water vapour concentration demonstrated. PolyPol is then used to model influenza levels in a pre and post-energy efficient retrofit terraced dwelling, accounting for building thermal, moisture, and ventilative behaviour, and biological decay.

A novel post-processing contaminant transport and decay model for EnergyPlus. In: Malki-Epsthein, L and Spataru, C and Marjanovic Halburd, Land Mumovic, D, (eds.) Proceedings of the 2014 Building Simulation and Optimization Conference.

Taylor, JG; Biddulph, P; Altamirano, H; Shrubsole, C; Das, P; Mavrogianni, A; Davies, M; (2014)