UCL Energy Institute


Exploring Geopolitics of Energy Resource Use and New Trading Associations


6 July 2014

Due to uneven distribution of natural resource deposits across countries, the pattern of use of resources varies from one region to another. This depends on the type of materials and their accessibility under different law agreements. The interlink nature of such systems makes it difficult to interpret the energy resource nexus. Integrated simulation models are needed to better represent the uncertainties invoked by the resource use, trade and security. We discuss the challenges we face in terms of energy resources trade with examples of representative cases, such as the trade of Russian natural gas through pipelines through Ukraine and Belarus to Western Europe. Various events have occurred throughout the history and lessons can be learnt for future prospects to achieve the integration which sit at the crossing point of many critical financial, political and social issues.

Exploring Geopolitics of Energy Resource Use and New Trading Associations.

Spataru, C. (2014)

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