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What is a fair measurement and apportionment scheme?


10 September 2013

An apportionment strategy is a necessary mechanism to understand and scale the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by international shipping. This is a sector that exceeds national boundaries and an apportionment strategy should be in place to attribute those emissions to nations. A number of alternative strategies have been identified and discussed in the literature. These include apportionment based on fuel sale, ship movements, national emissions, etc. To be an appropriate strategy, it is suggested that a measurement and apportionment strategy to be fair and feasible to implement. In this paper, apportionment strategy is based on demand share of individual countries. Based on this strategy, Global maritime model (GloTraM) will be used to generate emission levels apportioned to countries.

What is a fair measurement and apportionment scheme?.

Smith, T.W.P., O'Keeffe, E., Haji, S. (2013)

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