UCL Energy Institute


Dynamic simulation of energy system


1 January 2013

This paper investigates how society engenders demands for energy services that vary with time and climate, and how renewable and other energy resources can be deployed to meet these demands. Because the whole people-energy system is modeled, there is little detail about any compoment, instead an overall picture of how the entire system works is presented in this paper. It became apparent that the design and performance of dwelling energy systems, and to some extent the behavior of people, cannot be considered in isolation from the whole system. In order to get a picture of how the entire system works, the greater the diversity better overview can be obtained. But, from a practical perspective it is difficult to simultaneously model in detail a large number of people-dwelling combinations, alongside all other demands and electricity and other supply.

Dynamic simulation of energy system. Advanced Materials Research, 622 1017-1021.

Barrett, M., Spataru, C. (2013)

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