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New report shows that efficient Grid-Interactive Buildings are an important opportunity for SE Asia

3 October 2023

Researchers from the UCL Energy Institute have collaborated with the International Energy Agency on an analysis of how to bring the building sector towards net-zero emissions.

Low Angle View of Office Building Against Clear Sky

A new report published by the International Energy Agency, and co-authored by Prof Ian Hamilton, explores and introduces the concepts of what efficient grid-interactive buildings are and their opportunity to supporting the transition of the building sector to reaching net-zero emissions. The report lays out an analytical framework to assess a variety of factors that can enable a building to become energy efficient and grid-interactive.

The IEA report states:

Efficient grid-interactive buildings are becoming a crucial element for the global ambition to attain net zero emissions, as they can combine enhanced energy efficiency, advanced smart digital technologies and decarbonised electricity generation. This integration creates the potential for buildings to shift from energy-intensive consumers to low-carbon prosumers, empowered by digital technologies that can offer flexibility benefits to the electricity grids. With the ability to produce, consume, store, sell and buy energy, buildings become active participants in the building-to-grid ecosystem.

The framework for efficient grid-interactive buildings identifies enablers grouped into four categories: energy efficiency, decarbonisation, smartness and building-to-grid interaction. The framework uses an assessment criteria for each of the four areas to evaluate how advanced a country is in supporting efficient, grid-interactive buildings. This framework was applied to the ASEAN region and illustrates the potential for how the region can pursue the opportunities that grid-interactive buildings offer to the energy system and transition to net-zero emission buildings.

As digitalization of buildings and grids continues it will be important for governments and organizations involved in these sectors to look for synergies that support the decarbonisation agenda. Efficient grid-interactive buildings offer an opportunity to do that.

Diagram of Buildings Grid Framework


Image credit: pexels.com