UCL Energy Institute


How has energy security changed over time?

23 May 2023

UCL Energy Institute Director Prof Catalina Spataru speaks on The Process Automation Podcast about the importance of energy security.

The Process Automation Podcast thumbnail image, which shows a person inputting data into a tablet.

While many of us takes access to energy for granted, today, 770 million people live without access to electricity. As the world’s population grows, so does energy demand, making energy security more important than ever. Energy is not only key to having comfortable lives; it is also crucial for economic growth and social progress. But what exactly is energy security – and how do we ensure energy security today and for the future?

To find the answers to these questions, The Process Automation Podcast host Fran Scott spoke to Prof Catalina Spataru, Brandon Spencer, President of Energy Industries at ABB, and Matt Healey, founder of Pace CCS.

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