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Net Zero Review cites UCL Energy Institute research

13 January 2023

The independent review of the government’s approach to delivering its net zero target refers to findings by UCL Energy Institute's Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) and use of UK TIMES model.

Installation of solar panels

Led by Former Energy Minister Chris Skidmore, the report is titled 'Mission Zero' and sets out the ‘historic opportunity’ offered by net zero.

The report is ‘perhaps the largest engagement on Net Zero’ holding over fifty roundtables and receiving over 1800 responses to its call for evidence.

The report references data from Smart Energy Research Lab: Energy use in GB domestic buildings 2021, including statistics on the currect energy performance and usage of low-income UK households, as well as a reproduction of a graph showing the typical daily electricity demand profile for a UK household.

The report also cites use of the UK TIMES model to analyse cost optimistation of decarbonisation pathways. UK TIMES, an energy system model of the UK, was developed by UCL Energy Institute and the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.