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Overcoming barriers to maritime decarbonisation: UCL response to UK domestic maritime consultation

3 August 2023

Researchers at UCL Energy Institute have responded to the Department for Transport (DfT) consultation ‘Domestic maritime decarbonisation: the course to net zero emissions’.

Aerial photo of ship fleet

In July 2022, the DfT published a consultation to gather evidence on the proposed pathway to decarbonisation, including barriers and potential economic and regulatory interventions. The consultation explored the technical, operational and policy options available for government to accelerate decarbonisation in this sector to achieve net zero by 2050.

In response to the consultation, Joseph Taylor, Dr Tristan Smith and Dr Nishatabbas Rehmatulla from UMAS, UCL Energy Institute’s maritime consultancy wing, submitted evidence including weighing up various barriers to decarbonisation and suggested intervention measures.

The researchers pointed out that absolute targets set by the government (such as achieving a specified GHG and air pollutant emissions reduction relative to a historic baseline by a specified date) can be the most appropriate and proportionate means for ensuring that environmental goals are realised.

The response also highlighted several intervention targeting economic barriers that could be explored, which included emissions taxes and fuel subsidies.

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