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Achieving strategic objectives through stop motion animation at UCL Energy Institute away day

27 May 2022

Researchers across UCL Energy Institute gathered all together for the first time since 2020 on Tuesday 17 May for a Research Away Day.

A group of UCL Energy Institute staff work on their animations at the away day

The away day was a much needed opportunity for all academic staff and researchers to catch up in person, and for some it was a chance meet their colleagues in the flesh for the first time.

The day kicked off with a group activity to foster reconnection and creativity, allowing everyone engage and have fun together after a long and trying period of remote working.

Groups were challenged to create a unique digital stop motion animation sequence based around a theme. They first had to create a storyboard, then take their chosen objects and digitally record them moving through a series of small sequential steps. The winning team were given the theme 'Increasing Societal impact' and created an animation called 'Navigating choppy waters' using a lighthouse analogy to show how our taught and research programmes can be the impetus for solving real world issues.

A playlist of the videos created at the away day can be viewed below or on our YouTube channel.

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UifpSDNj5_U&list=PLd_PTCmKh7aNq52Gg9HcNl...


UCL Energy Institute Director, Prof Catalina Spataru, opened the afternoon programme with a brief reminder of the milestones and achievements. Each research theme lead presented their strategy and future plans for their theme, exploring how the existing assets and methods will be expanded, and how teaching, outreaching, and collaboration between groups/labs will be carried out in the next period.

Finally, all staff and researchers engaged in discussions on future priorities, collaboration mechanisms, capacity and consolidation, and other collaborative topics.

BSEER Director Prof Neil Strachan said:

What a great event this was to reconnect with colleagues and finally meet face to face many folks that joined BSEER during the pandemic. I knew how technically and analytically excellent EI staff were, but I now also know how artistic and innovative their animation skills are!”