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New SERL datasets publicly available

28 June 2022

Two new easily accessible datasets from the Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) have been released. The outputs are companions to the recently produced SERL Stats Report and contain the aggregated data used to write the report.

Photo shows a row of terraced houses

Firstly, the aggregated energy consumption statistics from the SERL 4th Edition (2021 and 2020) are now available in the form of a  spreadsheet of 110,000 rows of data. The file contains net electricity and gas consumption data at annual, monthly and daily levels for the SERL study participating households. The data is available via the UK Data Service (Study number 8693) to registered UKDS users.

The second output is available via the UCL Research Data Depository and provides the underlying values for the SERL Stats Report in a series of tables related to the figures in the report.

All the data in the outputs is anonymised and has been subject to statistical disclosure control (SDC) checking to ensure that no personally identifiable information can be included in the datasets.

Access to the full SERL dataset is available to accredited UK researchers via an application to the SERL Data Governance Board (DGB).

This release represents another significant milestone in SERL’s endeavours to empower the energy research community by enabling access to the finely grained domestic consumption data available via smart meters.

The two datasets and the SERL stats report can all be accessed via SERL reports.