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UCL Energy Institute welcomes new UK Net Zero Strategy

20 October 2021

The UK TIMES model developed by UCL Energy Institute researchers underpins UK government’s new strategy to meet net zero target by 2050.

A row of wind turbines in the sea, against a pink and blue sky

The UK government has just published its long-awaited Net Zero Strategy, setting out its long-term plan to decarbonise the nation's energy system.

UCL Energy Institute researchers Paul Dodds, Oliver Broad, James Price, Pei-Hao Li developed the UK TIMES model which was fundamental in the framing scenarios used by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This strategy document comes 12 days before the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26, where around 120 world leaders will meet to set the agenda for solving the climate crisis.

Prof Neil Strachan, UCL Energy Institute Director, said:

The UK Government's Net Zero Strategy takes a systems view, using the UKTM energy systems model for its three pathways to 2050. This is an excellent framing. We need to anticipate and plan for the inevitable trade-offs, bottlenecks and tipping points of the energy transition.
The strategy focuses on accelerating the roll out of new infrastructures and technologies, which is a vital step. But this is only half the story, as we need to understand and harness how individuals and broader society will make decisions on the energy technologies they buy and use.”