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PM’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution – Momentum needed now to meet future targets

18 November 2020

As the UK PM unveils his new plan, Professor Neil Strachan, Director of the UCL Energy Institute suggests greater momentum is needed now to achieve-zero emissions in the next 30 years.

A series of solar panels

Today the UK Prime Minister has outlined his Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, promising 250,000 jobs to be created. The plan covers clean energy, transport, nature and innovative technologies with the intention of halting the UKs contribution to climate change by 2050.

Professor Neil Strachan, Director of the UCL Energy Institute welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement 

It is excellent to see that the government is taking a whole systems approach, and understands the interconnections between electricity, transport, heat, new technologies, behaviour change, and nature-based solutions to reduce emissions.” 

 However, he stressed that the government’s plan does not go far or fast enough.

This combination of setting future targets, running pilot programmes, and supporting novel technologies needs sustained policy drivers and significantly increased investment for the scale and speed of an energy revolutionAchieving net zero emissions in only 30 years is a tough nut to crack, and this is a small hammer.”

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Read the press release from the UK Government.

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