UCL Energy Institute


UCL researchers present at the International Conference of Environmental Psychology, Plymouth

15 September 2019

Gesche Huebner presenting at ICEP 2019

The International Conference of Environmental Psychology (ICEP) 2019 in Plymouth on 4-6 September has seen the participation of the following UCL researchers on energy-related topics:

Ms. Alexandra Schneiders, Dr. Charlotte Johnson, and Dr. Mike Fell co-organized a symposium on peer-to-peer energy trading “Sharing power: A psychological perspective on peer-to-peer energy trading and collective energy schemes”.
Mike and Alexandra gave a talk reporting the results of a nationally representative survey on acceptability of blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer energy trading. View the (non-peer-reviewed) preprint of a paper based on that work.
In a session on environmental changes and health, Dr. Gesche Huebner presented evidence for the effect of CO2 on cognitive performance in the context of rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations due to climate change.

Overall, rich and insightful discussions during presentations and even coffee breaks took place around the challenges of peer-to-peer energy trading and those presented by the rise of CO2 on cognitive performance.