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UCL Energy Institute launches new Islands Laboratory

29 November 2018

At an event in Bloomsbury on 22 November, the UCL Energy Institute launched the Islands Laboratory, headed by Dr Catalina Spataru, alongside a new dedicated website.

Launch event for UCL Islands Laboratory

About the new laboratory

UCL Islands laboratory is the first of its kind dedicated to island research. By developing innovative tools, methods and resources, its aim is to transform the way research could lead to an unprecedented improvement in sustainability and environmental improvement in island nations.

The Islands Laboratory research group is an enthusiastic and multidisciplinary team. They will be looking to provide in-depth insights about the improvements and developments in:

  • energy
  • water
  • food
  • materials
  • land
  • environmental impact

The laboratory's dedicated website provides a wealth of detail about the individual projects, researchers, case studies and publications: www.islandslaboratory.com

Book launch

The event also saw the launch of Transitioning Nations Into Sustainable Energy Hubs, a new book by Dr Catalina Spataru. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it provides insights into current research and opportunities, as well into the type of changes needed to make islands the 'energy hubs' of the future, the 'hottest energy centred points' and the 'golden spots' for sustainability.

Find out more

For more information, please contact Catalina Spataru, Head of the Islands Laboratory at UCL Energy Institute: c.spataru@ucl.ac.uk