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How can AI help meet global energy demand? MSc ESDA Course Director speaks to Raconteur

23 May 2018

Dr Aidan O’Sullivan's interview with Raconteur in The Times on how we can utilise artificial intelligence to help manage power generation and cut energy bills.

Energy and Artificial Intelligence

In Ranconteur's ‘Artificial Intelligence for Business’ report, published in The Times, Dr Aidan O’Sullivan has been interviewed in an article reviewing the uses to artificial intelligence to meet energy demand globally. 

As the way global energy is generated, sold and distributed is changing, artificial intelligence is increasingly being utilised to meet the need for clean and reliable energy that is cost-effective for consumers.

In the article, Aidan states

Scale and complexity that begin to exceed that manageable by a human operator... The speed and complexity of this task requires advanced AI.”

Read the full interview online at The Raconteur

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