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Dr Catalina Spataru debates Smart Cities at European Business Summit

25 May 2018

In a Meet-the-Expert session, with a European member of Parliament, Dr Catalina Spataru discussed application of technology to cities at the European Business summit.

European Business summit

The European Business Summit is a prestigious 2-day event. Having taken place on the 23rd and 24thMay 2018, the summit was attended by over 2,000 participants, bringing together political decision-makers, business leaders, members of academia and civil society. 

In the Meet-the-Expert session, Dr Catalina Spataru and Mr Lambert Van Nistelrooij, European Parliament member, debated the need of cities to transition towards more dynamic, sustainable, healthier and smarter futures, as wall as how and which technologies make the urbanization process reliable and discussed priorities and barriers of implementation.  

Smart Cities entail the application of existing technologies in new ways, and the development and application of new technologies to urban infrastructure such as energy, water, waste and transport systems. Relevant technologies include a variety of hardware and software systems, including wireless sensors, embedded software, database/GIS, forecasting, advanced control systems and more. 

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