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Dr Maria Kamargianni to give evidence at House of Commons Transport Select Committee

2 March 2018

On Monday 5th March Dr Kamargianni will be giving evidence on Mobility as a service at the House of commons, available to watch online at Parliament TV

House of Commons

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is defined as an end-to-end solution where the customer (passenger or freight) travels seamlessly from A to B. This involves using several different modes; without making separate payments to different transport providers; without owning the assets to travel (i.e. a car); without planning journeys based on the mode of travel (i.e. is ‘mode neutral’). MaaS is typically accessed via a mobile app, with the aim of providing users with a tailored travel experience.

The Committee will look into the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a MaaS solution, and what the Government’s role should be (if any) in supporting the development of this industry. Dr Maria Kamargianni, lecturer at the UCL Energy Institute and recently named one of the world’s top 10 MaaS influencers, will be giving evidence to the Transport Committee on MaaS.

The committee meeting will be available to watch online at Parliament TV at 4.45pm, Monday 5th March.

Watch online at Parliament TV