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P2P Energy trading using Blockchains article in IEA DSM ‘Spotlight’

3 January 2018

Professor David Shipworth pens peer-to-peer Blockchain article for International Energy Agency’s Demand Side Management (IEA DSM) newsletter ‘Spotlight’

Energy Space Time

Part one of a two-part series, Professor Shipworth’s article walks us through the foundations of peer-to-peer energy trading using blockchains, reviewing the impact of localised trading on other existing actors within the energy system.

Alternative market structures such as peer-to-peer could potentially pose an existential threat to traditional energy suppliers. While the extent of the threat is exaggerated, it could certainly change both their size and role in the energy system.”

Part two will be published in the next IEA DSM Spotlight in March 2018.

Read the full article, from page 5 onwards, online here.