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Sea Change interviews Dr Tristan Smith

14 November 2017

Dr Tristan Smith interviewed on diverging from fossil fuels in shipping at the Shipping in Changing Climates conference.

Sea Change

Sea Change is a TV programme created by UK Chamber of Shipping and ITN productions looking at the biggest challenges facing the shipping industry right now.

When looking at the impact of environmental regulations on shipping Sea Change visited the Shipping in Changing Climates (SCC) conference, hosted at UCL in July 2017, to speak to Dr Tristan Smith – Principal investigator for SCC and Head of UCL Energy Institute’s shipping group.

Findings from Shipping in Changing Climates suggest that in order to meet targets set by the Paris Agreement, shipping will have to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. In the interview, Tristan Smith talk on the importance of diverging from the use of fossils fuels in order to achieve this.

See the full interview on UK Chamber of Shipping Website section 4 at 2.16.

Shipping in Changing Climates (SCC) is a £4m multi-university and cross-industry research project funded for 3.5 years by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The SCC project uses a whole systems approach to understand the scope for greater energy efficiency of the supply side, understand the demand side drivers and to understand the supply and demand interactions and potential future evolution in shipping. For more information visit www.lowcarbonshipping.co.uk