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Dr Paul Dorfman speaks about Hinkley Point on R4 World Tonight

7 July 2017

On Monday 3rd July Dr Paul Dorfman, Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL Energy Institute, spoke to BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ about the rising costs of Hinkley Point C.

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The discussion came after EDF’s announcement that the cost of the project is to rise by £1.5bn and also could be delayed by up to 15 months.

During the interview Dr Paul Dorfman pointed out:

We were promised £16bn. Then it went up to £18bn. Now it’s £20bn plus and concrete hasn’t been poured yet.”

Later, he continued:

Solar costs have plummeted by 50% in last 5 years. The point about nuclear is the costs are always high and always ramping. It’s a simple question of doing the maths. In terms of value for money the renewable revolution is here.”

You can listen to the full interview online on the BBC website, the section on Hinkley Point starts at 29 minutes 12 seconds.