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Update on UCL-Energy project on building energy use featured in IEA annual report

12 April 2017

An update on the UCL-Energy project Annex 70 'Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of Real Building Energy Use at Scale' is published in EBC's annual report.

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (EBC) has recently published its annual report for 2016 featuring an update on Annex 70 ‘Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of Real Building Energy Use at Scale’, which is currently being led by staff from the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology at the UCL Energy Institute.

Annex 70 is an international project led by UCL-Energy’s Dr Ian Hamilton and Prof Paul Ruyssevelt to develop methods for improving the empirical evidence on energy demand in the building stock.

As part of IEA EBC’s research and development activities working towards near-zero energy and carbon emissions in the built environment, an international collaboration of researchers is working on Annex 70 alongside Dr. Hamilton and Professor Ruyssevelt. Their focus is on identifying, reviewing, evaluating and producing leading edge methods for studying and modelling the building stock.

This report follows the progress of the research project in 2016, alongside other research projects undertaken by the EBC.  The annual report in available as a PDF to download from the IEA-EBC website http://www.iea-ebc.org as well the latest EBC Newsletter.