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UCL-Energy creates animation explaining the BLUE model for future energy use

27 April 2017

UCL Energy institute and wholeSEM have created an animation explaining its Behaviour, Lifestyles and Uncertainty Energy (BLUE) model for future energy use.

BLUE Energy Model

Researchers at UCL Energy Institute have been working to build the Behaviour, Lifestyles and Uncertainty Energy model. BLUE model is a system dynamic model of the UK energy system that tries to capture important parts of how we use energy in the UK today, the large number of different ways we might use energy in future, and the journey we might go on to get there by simulating future energy transitions and the associated changes to technologies, energy use and emissions. To find out more watch the video below.

BLUE is one of the models produced by researchers at the UCL Energy Institute as part of Realising Transition Pathways and wholeSEM consortium funded by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council