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Members of UCL Energy Institute pay tribute to Dr Gill Owen

8 September 2016


Members of UCL Energy Institute pay tribute to Dr Gill Owen, Senior Teaching Fellow,Engineering Science at UCL Australia and former visiting researcher at UCL-Energy who passed away 27 August. 

“Gill collaborated with several staff and students at UCL both in the UK and Australia. Everybody who worked with her really valued her breadth of knowledge, support, and really enjoyed working with her. Whilst we particularly know her from all her great work at Sustainability First and with Ofgem and the Smart Grid Forum around smart metering and demand side response, we also know of her deep compassion for those struggling with energy issue through her work on fuel poverty and as a powerful advocate of social action and consumer rights in the field.

She was one of those rare individuals who had total commitment to sustainability and made substantial contributions spanning the local and global impacts of our field. She will be a great loss to the energy community and we will personally miss her.”

Professor Tadj Oreszczyn, Director, The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
Professor Robert Lowe, Director of the UCL Energy Institute
Professor David Shipworth, UCL Energy Institute Dr Alex Summerfield, UCL Energy Institute



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