UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy director Professor Bob Lowe speaks at UK-Japan Collaboration: The Past and Future Earth

16 March 2016


This event presented by the Ritsumeikan University on 4 March at the Japanese Embassy in London focused on climate change and co-existing sustainably with nature. The presentations focused on climate change and the importance of creating a sustainable future “beyond borders.” 

The aim of the event was to promote research collaboration and academic interaction between Japan and the UK. The event also provided a forum for researchers from the two nations to discuss current environmental issues and international goals for creating a society capable of co-existing sustainably with nature.

Presentations were given by: 

Professor Bob Lowe: Delivering End Use Energy Demand Reductions – Challenges and Opportunities 

Dr Eric Wolff, University of Cambridge: Ice as an archive of climate and greenhouse gases

Dr. Takeshi Nakagawa, Ritsumeikan University: The (Mis) Behavior of Climates - How did humans survive episodes of truly drastic regime shifts? and 

Dr. Hiroyuki Mori, Ritsumeikan University Environmental issues of Asbestos; The biggest industrial disasters of the world. 

With opening addresses from Mr Motohiko Kato (Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Kingdom) and Professor Mikio Yoshida (President, Ritsumeikan University).

The Ritsumeikan University presented the Environment Forum focusing on climate change and co-existing sustainably with nature with support by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK (JCCI), and JETRO London.