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UCL-Energy doctoral researcher Paula Morgenstern completes PhD viva

1 July 2016

On 29 June, PhD student Paula Morgenstern presented her thesis titled ‘Understanding hospital electricity use: an end-use(r) perspective.’


Paula was supervised by Paul Ruyssevelt (Primary) and Rokia Raslan (secondary). Following the viva Paula’s examiners suggested that her work has important implications for energy use in the NHS.

Of her PhD experience Paula said:  “I am feeling very relieved now that my viva is over, but will surely start looking back fondly at it and my time at UCL-Energy soon. My PhD investigated the use of electricity in hospitals and let me get to know this environment, so alien and somehow scary to many of us, from a very different perspective. Speaking to NHS professionals, both technical and clinical, and seeing how all of them really care for their profession and their patients has given me much confidence in the NHS, despite the various financial and political pressures on it. My fieldwork was really exciting throughout, I even got to go into some operating theatres while patients were undergoing surgery – something I never thought I would experience but on TV!”

This past academic year has been a very successful year for UCL-Energy PhD students. In addition to Paula seven UCL-Energy students have completed their vivas.