UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy Academics joining Editorial Board of 'Scientific Data' and 'Indoor and Built Environment'

12 October 2015


UCL-Energy Lecturer Michelle Shipworth has been appointed to the Editorial Board of Indoor and Built Environment (IBE). IBE is a peer-reviewed Sage Publications journal, which publishes research on any topic pertaining to the quality of the indoor and built environment, and how these might affect the health, performance, efficiency and comfort of persons living or working there.

Michelle’s roles as an Editorial Board member include: guest editing or suggesting Special Issue topics, acting as an associate editor (nominating potential reviewers, obtaining reviews and adjudicating on conflicting reviews), encouraging colleagues and others to submit articles and raising awareness of the journal.

Dr David Shipworth has joined the Editorial Board of ‘Scientific Data’, an open-access, data-focused journal from Nature Publishing Group. Scientific Data is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for descriptions of research datasets, designed to improve access to research data, facilitate its interpretation and reuse, provide credit for data production and curation, and promote reproducible research.

As an Editorial Board member, David’s roles include peer-reviewing and advising on potentially suitable peer reviewers for papers, promoting the journal's aims and objectives, and encouraging submission of publications to Scientific Data within the energy research community.