UCL Energy Institute


UCL Energy Institute researchers inform Welsh Government's 'Smarter Living' plan

11 May 2015

Researchers from UCL Energy Institute’s new People, Energy and Buildings Research Group were invited to speak at two Welsh Government events aimed at informing their ‘Smarter Living’ initiative.


The project is looking at how the Welsh Government could support the growth and commercialization of ‘smart’ innovations – usually involving the connecting up of services such as energy and water with information and communications technology. 

Group leader David Shipworth and Mike Fell both presented work focused on consumer views of demand-side response, which aims to influence when people use electricity. They also facilitated discussions amongst other invited stakeholders, including representatives from electricity distribution companies, local government and community groups. 

Mike Fell, a doctoral researcher at UCL Energy Institute, said: “It is great to see the Welsh Government engaging with a range of stakeholders to find out how they can best nurture the growth of ‘smart’ systems in Wales. In particular, it is essential that the end users of any new products or services will be at the centre of this process and can clearly see the benefits.”

The ‘Smarter Living’ workshops were co-organized by AD Research & Analysis and the Centre for Sustainable Energy.