UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy Director comments on Amber Rudd's appointment as Secretary of State for Energy

12 May 2015


On May 11th Amber Rudd was named new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. UCL Energy Institute Director Bob Lowe sees this as a positive step for the UK's energy policy. He had the following to say:

'My colleagues and I welcome the appointment of Amber Rudd, as Secretary of State at DECC.  This follows an election campaign in which one of the few points of consensus was cross-party agreement on climate change, through the joint Climate Change Pledge. As a seasoned DECC minister, Ms Rudd will be well aware of the critical importance of the Paris COP, and of the need to negotiate a robust 5th Carbon Budget for the UK. We look forward to supporting Ms Rudd and her department in their efforts to achieve real progress towards the UK's 80% reduction target and the global goal of limiting warming to no more than 2C.' 

UCL will be hosting a panel session discussing the big questions facing the new government on May 27. This will include questions about energy. Register your place