UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy Shipping Group Starts 2015 with new Projects

29 January 2015


A success with the first round of the Newton Fund will see a collaborative project between Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and UCL-Energy’s shipping group. The project will co-develop a Brazil-centric international trade and shipping database and conduct a study on port and shipping efficiency. 

Early 2015 will also see additional international links with the University of the South Pacific. Collaboration between the University of the South Pacific and UCL-Energy’s shipping group will advance cooperation on the estimation of shipping activity and the analysis of impact of transport costs on economic development in the region. 

Both of these collaborations will help the shipping group understand BRICS and SIDS (Small Island Developing State) shipping mitigation and adaptation policy issues which are so important to the evolving UN (IMO and UNFCCC) debates.

The shipping group’s work in the policy fora continues with a new project starting this January for the IMO Secretariat which will deploy a new data source to estimate utilisation and productivity in the global shipping fleet, and a number of recent submissions on the debates on the Monitoring Reporting and Verification policy are under development in the EC.