UCL Energy Institute


Highly successful year for Doctoral and MSc programmes

30 January 2015

Central House

The end of 2014 saw Jenny Love, one of the first cohort of LoLo students joining the UCL Energy Institute in 2009, successfully pass her viva with minor corrections. Jenny was and has been an excellent ambassador for the LoLo Centre for Doctoral Training.

Jenny's thesis is entitled "Understanding the interactions between occupants, heating systems and building fabric in the context of energy efficient building fabric retrofit in social housing". More information on Jenny’s time at UCL and LoLo as well as a link to her thesis can be found on the LoLo website

In addition to UCL-Energy’s doctoral success, the Exam Boards for MSc and MRes programmes met for 2013-14 and the External Examiner’s Report published in October 2014 was highly complementary of both programmes.  Professor Kerry Turner Professorial fellow of CSERGE, School of Environmental Sciences, UEA, Norwich and member of the external examiner’s report said the following: 

“the level of feedback provided to students an example of best practice”

“the cohort excelled in group work and had produced work of an outstanding standard”

“congratulated the course team on the delivery of an excellent learning experience”

The two courses together have approaching 100 students. In the School there are 140 MPhil/PhD students registered in the School. This term has seen 8 upgrade seminars and 12 students submit their thesis or have their viva in 2014.