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Mexican Ministry of Energy Fellowships with UCL Energy Institute

17 November 2014

The UCL Energy Institute, in partnership with the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER), are pleased to announce a call for Energy Post-Doctoral Fellowships.

Mexican Ministry of Energy Fellowships with UCL Energy Institute

UCL-Energy will be looking to host 3 post-doctoral fellowships that will work alongside UCL-Energy staff on a number of research energy-related topics.  

Research topics could be related to energy policy, energy systems, energy in buildings, energy and people, energy and transport, energy and climate change.

The Fellowships, coordinated via the Mexican Research Council (CONACYT), will provide support for post-doctoral posts for up to 3 years. The programme will support Mexican research to work with UCL Energy Institute during the fellowship period and will include salary and a research budget for equipment, travels, etc.

For details on eligibility requirements and application process, which are set out by CONACYT, further information can be found using the link below.

After reading through the call and application documents, prospective candidates can also contact Nelson Mojarro Gonzalez (nmojarro.fse@energia.gob.mx) and Ian Hamilton (i.hamilton@ucl.ac.uk) for further details.

Research focus

The fellowships should focus on a number of research topics related to energy and will align SENER sponsored post-doctoral researchers with experts at UCL Energy Institute.  Below are a number of topic areas and UCL researchers that can be contacted to discuss research topics.  Researchers and profiles are available on the UCL Energy Institute website.

Energy systems modelling

Contact: Gabrial Anandarajah, Senior Lecturer in Energy Systems Modelling
Contact: Baltazar Solano, Researcher in Energy Systems Modelling

Renewable energy and fuels

Contact: Will McDowall, Researcher in Bioenergy & Hydrogen

Energy Markets

Contact: Paolo Agnolucci, Lecturer in Resource and Environmental Economics

Energy regulation and transitions

Contact: Xavier Lemaire, Researcher

Decarbonisation of the energy sector and climate change

Contact: Michael Grubb, Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy

Energy supply and smart grids

Contact: Mark Barrett, Senior Lecturer in Smart Grids and Energy Networks

Energy performance in buildings

Contact: Ian Hamilton, Lecturer in Energy and Built Environment

Buildings and indoor environment

Contact: Hector Altamirano-Medina, Lecturer in Environmental Design and Engineering

Social, livelihood and governance aspects of renewable energy

Contact: Julia Tomei, Researcher in energy and development

Social practices of energy demand

Contact: Gesche Huebner, Researcher

Environment and urban built form

Contact: Anna Mavrogianni, Lecturer in Environmental Design and Engineering
Contact: Rokia Raslan, Lecturer in Environmental Design and Engineering