UCL Energy Institute


Bioenergy value chains project launched

7 January 2014


A new project is commencing at the UCL Energy Institute to better understand the potential role of biomass in the UK energy system.

Bioenergy is a complex and sometimes controversial subject.  This project is integrating models of different aspects of the international and UK bioenergy supply chains across multiple scales.  The resulting tools will provide guidance to policy makers about the complex social and environmental impacts of differing bioenergy strategies to underpin policy development.

The UCL contribution to this major 4-year project is led by Prof Paul Ekins and Dr Paul Dodds.  We will estimate the potential size of the international bioenergy trade in the future using the TIAM-UCL global energy systems model.  We will also examine the most appropriate uses of biomass resources in the UK using the new UK TIMES model.  These studies will provide boundary conditions for the more spatially-explicit models of bioenergy value chains that are being developed by the rest of the consortium.

The project is funded by the EPSRC Supergen programme and has a total value of £1.9m.  It is led by Imperial College and also includes researchers from Manchester, Southampton and Rothamsted Research"

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