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Professors Bob Lowe and Neil Strachan appointed as new Directors of UCL Energy Institute

7 August 2014

The UCL Energy Institute is now five years old,  during this period it has become a world leading centre for energy systems and energy demand research and postgraduate teaching.

Bob Lowe and Neil Strachan

The success of the Institute and more recently its sister UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (UCL ISR) has led our host faculty to set up The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources to host and support the existing Institutes and two new institutes built on the strong foundations of existing UCL centres of research excellence, the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering and UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage.

This is an exciting opportunity for UCL to demonstrate its commitment to  cross disciplinary research and teaching in the area of sustainability. In addition, the School will provide the structure to facilitate working across faculties,  running structured Doctoral programmes and undertaking problem oriented  teaching and research which requires strong partnerships with industry, government, NGO’s and research funders. The Schools aim is to enable the Institutes to flourish and develop their teaching and research programmes. The School will provide within one cost centre the depth and breadth of disciplinary skills covering both the natural and social sciences, so that the Institutes can focus on tackle the challenges the world faces.

From the 1st August, Professor Tadj Oreszczyn will be the Director of the new School, Professor Robert Lowe will become the Director of the UCL Energy Institute and Professor Neil Strachan Deputy Director. Tadj will retain his Professorship in the UCL Energy Institute and also carry on as Director of the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology located in the UCL Energy Institute. Bob and Neil’s new roles reflect UCL-Energy’s UK leading position in energy demand and energy systems teaching and research. For example, Bob runs the leading Centre for doctoral training in Energy Demand Reduction and Neil is Principle Investigator of wholeSEM the UK’s major energy system research programme.

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Images: Professor Bob Lowe (L), Professor Neil Strachan (R)