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UCL Energy Institute launches modelling website

30 May 2013

UCL Energy Institute modelling website

The UCL Energy Institute has launched a new website to provide information about the energy models that we use.  The website  includes full descriptions of 22 models.  The UCL Energy Institute creates and uses numerous energy systems, built environment, transport and network models as well as economic, environmental and behavioural models to support our research and this new website brings all of these models together in one place for the first time.

Transparency about our research, including tools and data, is a key policy of the UCL Energy Institute.  Our recently-launched Centre for Energy Epidemiology is an example of this policy for energy data.  Our new energy models website enables our researchers to be similarly transparent about the models that we use.  This is particularly important for those models, for example UK MARKAL, which have made important contributions to UK climate change policy.

As well as providing transparency to the research community and the public, the website also shows the links between our researchers, the projects they are involved in and the models they use.  It provides more general information about our modelling philosophy, different types of energy models and the policy uses of our models.