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UCL-Energy Honorary Researcher publishes 'The Burning Question'

1 May 2013

Duncan Clark, Honorary Researcher at the UCL Energy Institute, has published his latest book with the help of staff and students of the UCL Energy Institute.


‘The Burning Question’, co-authored with Mike Berners-Lee, looks at oil, gas and coal in the world’s reserves and the risk of catastrophic climate change. The book also looks at whether many apparently useful activities such as increasing energy efficiency, building renewable capacity and reducing population growth actually slow the rate at which global society extracts and burns fossil fuels.

As part of the research undertaken for the book, Duncan met with staff and students of UCL-Energy and data contributed by UCL-Energy PhD student Christoph McGlade was published as part of the book.

Duncan, a consultant editor at The Guardian, will present an evening as part of the UCL Energy Institute seminar series on Tuesday 2 July 2013. Free tickets will go live on the UCL-Energy Eventbrite profile shortly and will be publicised via the UCL Energy Institute mailing list and Twitter. As with all UCL-Energy seminars, the event will be filmed and posted on the UCL-Energy YouTube channel.

Purchase 'The Burning Question' on Amazon.