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UCL wins TSB 'Future Cities Solutions' pilot project with CarbonCulture and EDF

11 December 2013

energy use

UCL, in collaboration with CarbonCulture and EDF, has won a short project that will produce a platform for accepting energy data from a wide range of sources, cleaning it, processing it and applying some simple tools automatically to help analyse and produce meaningful insights.

The project aims to address the problem of how to use “big data” to help cities understand their energy consumption, identify areas where energy savings can be made, and so function more efficiently and more sustainably.

Paul Ruyssevelt from UCL-Energy and Ben Croxford from Bartlett School of Graduate Studies are the UCL leads on this project. The first phase of the project is to apply existing tools to existing datasets and demonstrate the systems’ functionality. The team hope to win further funding on successful completion of the first phase.

As the project progresses more information will be available on the CarbonCulture website. CarbonCulture are already gathering, and displaying live energy consumption data from UCL Central House, http://www.carbonculture.net/orgs/ucl/