UCL Energy Institute


The (Dis)Comforts of Home: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Domestic Energy Use

13 September 2012


Members of UCL-Energy are presenting at (Dis)Comforts of Home, a two day symposium (13-14 September 2012) at UCL exploring how comparative cultural perspectives on the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘comfort’ can help us understand, learn from, and influence the behaviour that drives domestic energy consumption.

During the interdisciplinary symposium Professor Tadj Oreszczyn, Director, of the UCL Energy Institute, will speak on 'Domestic Energy: What's at Stake?' and Dr Michelle Shipworth, Research Associate in Energy and Social Sciences at UCL-Energy will discuss 'Thirty-Five Years of Social Research on Home Energy Use'.

The symposium features papers by some fifteen academics and postgraduates from the School of European Languages, Culture and Society, SSEES, Geography, Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, the UCL Energy Institute, and more. It also features two documentary screenings with panel discussion, both of which are open to the public (see The Light Bulb Conspiracy and Philips Radio).