UCL Energy Institute


Consortium wins four-year contract to provide advice to the European Commission

11 July 2012


UCL-Energy, as part of a consortium led by Milieu Ltd, has won a Multiple Framework Contract to provide advice to the European Commission on the development of energy and transport law for the next 4 years.

Project title:

Provision of services of legal, economic and technical assistance in the field of energy and mobility and transport policies: legal assistance in the field of energy 


UCL Energy and the Centre for Law and the Environment (UCL Laws), are members of a consortium that has been awarded a multiple framework contract by the European Commission (DG Energy and DG Mobility and Transport) to provide highly qualified legal expertise to the European Commission in order to support the design, preparation and implementation of EU policies and initiatives and legislative proposals in the fields of energy and transport. The framework contract has a duration of 4 years and a budget of EUR 2 million. 

UCL's people

UCL’s contribution will be coordinated by UCL-Energy Senior Research Associate in Energy and Law, Javier de Cendra, and managed by UCL Consultants. Other colleagues at UCL involved are: UCL-Energy researchers Tristan Smith and Will McDowall, and Prof. Richard Macrory, Ray Purdy, Chiara Armeni, Chris Clarke, Ben Milligan, Danai Azaria.

Members of the consortium

Milieu, UCL, Universiteit Ghent, AETS, Ruhr University of Bochum.