UCL Energy Institute


People, Energy & Buildings: Dynamics, Distribution and Diversity workshop

25 April 2012

domestic energy use

UCL-Energy hosted the second workshop in its project PEB:D3 People, Energy & Buildings: Dynamics, Distribution and Diversity on 19 April 2012. The project team, funded by EPSRC and EDF R&D France, welcomed the contribution of 30 experts on Smart Heat, representing industry, government and academia.

Together with a high-powered panel of speakers, and a keynote speech in the morning from Andrew Pinder, chairman of Elexon, and in the afternoon from Andrew Haslett, Director of Strategy Development at the Energy Technologies Institute, all the attending experts shared their knowledge of Smart energy systems and their thoughts on the future of domestic heating, with insights ranging across engineering, economics, politics, and public engagement.

The day was a huge success with the feedback from the experts exceeding all expectations. Several attendees commented that this was the first Smart workshop in a long time where they had learnt something new; and that they'd been heartened by the willingness of all participants to share their expertise.