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UCL-Energy Professor Advises Defra

29 June 2011

cover of GES report

The final report of the GES review of the economics of sustainable development in July 2010 recommended that an asset check should be investigated, allowing a rapid assessment of the potential impact of proposed new policies and projects on the stock of specific environmental assets.

This workshop was the first opportunity to bring together relevant experts from natural science and economics alongside those involved in policy appraisal to discuss options for taking forward the development of such an asset check. This workshop will inform future work to be taken forward by Defra.

Paul Ekins was acting as a discussant on the paper that was presented at the workshop. He has also been involved in discussions about the economic component of the National Ecosystem Assessment, which Defra will be publishing in June, and has been on an advisory panel for the Government's Natural Environment White Paper, which will also be published in June.