UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy Works With EDF to Develop Novel Energy Stock Model

1 April 2011

Researchers at the UCL Energy Institute are working with EDF on the People, Energy & Buildings: Distribution, diversity & dynamics project which aims to develop a new and improved (second generation) energy stock model which links building and occupant diversity. It will be designed for use by government and industry to help plan and implement the decarbonisation of the domestic stock and supply infrastructure.

The project group, otherwise known as the St Pancras consortium, is made up of researchers from the UCL Energy Institute, UCL Mathematics, ECLEER* and the University of Essex and is a highly multi-disciplinary team of building scientists, social scientists, economists, energy systems modellers and mathematicians.

Project team members will work within a collaborative interdisciplinary analysis, evaluation and interpretation framework and draw on new sources of data to build novel and ambitious, dynamic demand-supply models. This is a combination rarely before applied to this sector and never on this scale.

This project aims to better our understanding of the impact of people's building interactions on energy use and power demand both now and in a future decarbonised society. The team will undertake a unique evaluation of the distribution of energy use in the built stock providing new insights into how occupant energy demand varies from property to property.

*part of EDF R&D France