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UCL-Energy European Project Bid Success

1 April 2011

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Researchers at the UCL Energy Institute form part of a winning EU project proposal worth more than two million Euros. 

The project entitled "Environmental Macro Indicators of Innovation" is led by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy in Germany, and includes partners from the Environmental Research Institute (Sweden), the Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth (Italy), the Universities of Maastricht and Leiden and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (all three in the Netherlands). The aim of the project is to develop an indicator system that will be able to evaluate whether policy is improving the environment once all secondary impacts have been taken into account.

Prof Paul Ekins, leading on the UCL-Energy contribution to the project, explained that "It is not at all clear when we adopt new technologies whether it will improve the environment or not"

"We have to take into account secondary impacts such as life-cycle impacts and the rebound effect.  This project will help us develop the tools to be able to do that."

The UCL Energy Institute is leading two work packages on energy technologies and policy.