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Smart Transport for Sustainable Tourism Conference

18 June 2018, 11:30 am

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Smart Transport for Sustainable Tourism conference to be hosted at UCL

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UCL Energy Institute and EPN Consulting Limited


Room 225, 14 Upper Woburn Place, London,, WC1H 0NN

This conference is the last opportunity to learn about goals, activities and results of the European S.T.R.E.E.T. project, funded under the Erasmus+ programme and due to end in August 2018.

The project aims to define a new professional profile, the Expert for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism, focused on two main fields: alternative mobility and sustainable tourism, which are opportunities for economic growth, local development and employment, inline with the EU policies. It involves partners from Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Austria, from public and private sectors and performed several activities (vocational training, consultancy, transport and infrastructures, sustainable tourism).

In addition to the project results, there will be speeches on several topics to give a view on how Smart Transport and Data Management solutions can contribute to promote an environmentally friendly behaviour for a Sustainable Tourism.

In the afternoon there will be a focus on EU funding opportunities that help private and public organisation to realise their innovative ideas and grow.

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