UCL Energy Institute


Carlo Raucci

Thesis title: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Shipping

Email: carlo.raucci.12@ucl.ac.uk
Primary supervisor: Tristan Smith
Secondary supervisor: Paul Dodds
Sponsor: EPSRC
Starting date: 27 September 2012
Projected completion date: 15 September 2015

I am interested in developing a good understanding of the broader energy system that would facilitate the widespread deployment of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in shipping, as well as of their production, and of other sectors that may be markets for the technology.

In order to explore the implications for costs and emissions of a substantial shift away from the use of fuel oil towards the use of sustainably produced hydrogen in shipping, my research will use the TIAM-UCL and GloTraM (shipping) models, and/or consider further developments of these models.

My PhD will analyze the nature and location of the sustainable hydrogen production, how much hydrogen would need to be produced, how it would be stored both on board and at the ports, how it would arrive at the ports, what kinds of fuel cells would be required to use the hydrogen and what technical and economic developments still need to be made in order for their substantial deployment to become a realistic prospect.

Furthermore my research will consider hydrogen storage technology, the regulatory implications and environmental impact. Consideration will also be given to non-CO2 environmental impacts (e.g. SO2).


I graduated from University of Naples Federico II with a bachelor degree in Management Engineering of Logistic and Production and a master degree in Energy Management Engineering.

I started my career as Analyst Consultant at Service Energy and Business Intelligence Management divisions in Capgemini Italia S.p.A. in Rome. Between 2007 and 2011 I was involved in national and international projects and I gained an extensive track record in IT and strategic consulting in the energy industry and as well as transport, public administration, aerospace & defense industries.

In the last year I have worked as a Renewable Energy Consultant at Talent with Energy, an Australia based company specialized in sustainable and emerging energy technologies. I have worked on analysis of the latest clean energy technologies and energy-efficient infrastructure and process. Using, principally, analytical and modeling approaches I have worked within the engineering aspects of energy systems as supply, distribution, utilization and environmental impact.