UCL Energy Institute


Bernard Tembo

Thesis title: Energy efficiency in Africa’s Copper Industry: a case-study of Zambian Industry

UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources

Secondary supervisor: Dr. Ilkka Keppo

Primary supervisor: Prof. Neil Strachan

Starting date: 28th January, 2013

Projected completion date: 27th January, 2017

This research aims to develop an understanding of how and where energy is used in Africa’s Copper Industry. This knowledge will then be integrated into a bottom-up model and different policy mechanisms will be simulated to develop insight of what policies would enhance uptake of energy efficiency practices in the industry.


Bernard’s primary interest lies in energy systems, energy use, climate change, and sustainable development. He holds a BEng Mechanical Engineering from University of Zambia (2008) and MSc Eng Energy Studies from University of Cape Town (2012). From 2008 to 2011, Bernard worked in Zambia’s energy sector managing the oil supply business to the copper mines and commercial farmers. His masters’ research focused on electricity supply options and expansion planning. During his time at University of Cape Town, he was also involved in various energy and development research projects around sub-Sahara Africa. During his PhD, he will focus on energy efficiency in Africa’s copper industry with a case-study of Zambia’s industry, which is the largest copper producer in Africa. 

Publications and other work

Policy Options for the Sustainable Development of the Power Sector in Zambia (MSc Eng Thesis, August 2012)

Policy options for the sustainable development of Zambia’s electricity sector (submitted for Journal publication)