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Conducting and Financing Low-Carbon Transitions in China

Conducting and Financing Low-Carbon Transitions in China

24 November 2021

By Prof Le-Yin Zhang

Utilizing a governmentality lens, this timely book offers an explanation for China’s decarbonization performance in the early 21st century.

Le-Yin Zhang investigates one of the most ambitious governing projects in history, analyzing the political rationalities of Chinese leaders for decarbonization and the governing techniques and technologies at multiple levels of governance. Demonstrating the potential of combining the use of juridical, administrative and governmental powers, Zhang holistically considers the success of the state in instigating low-carbon transitions in China and mitigating climate disaster.

The book provides an in-depth exploration of the art of greening the Chinese financial system and how this links to a wider formulation of carbon governmentality, highlighting the rise of the carbon governmental state through a range of governmental technologies. Engaging with a wide range of primary data from both national and local levels, the author uncovers profound lessons in low-carbon transitions for other states in the making of a carbon-neutral world.

This cutting-edge book offers key insights for scholars and researchers of environmental governance and its importance in mitigating climate change, particularly those with a key focus on Chinese climate policy. It will also benefit government officials, researchers and consultants investigating potential avenues for low-carbon transition and climate action.

Published by Edward Elgar, available online here.