The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


MSc Development Administration and Planning

The MSc Development Administration and Planning provides students with the necessary expertise to make a positive contribution to development.

Why choose MSc Development Administration and Planning?

We offer:

  • a 12-month programme that provides the analytical, methodological and practical expertise needed to make a positive contribution to development
  • an overseas field trip in a developing country where you’ll study both the practical concerns of development, and the cultural, administrative and institutional context in which decisions are made
  • a critical, analytical and comparative approach to planning for social action

About the course

The MSc/Postgraduate Diploma in Development Administration and Planning (DAP) gives students an understanding of the processes generating social change as well as the skills and abilities to respond to such change.

It provides a range of tools for forming appropriate responses to a diverse range of problems, including productive capacity, inter-sectoral integration, economic and social diversification and self-sufficiency.

The course examines strategies for better export performance and efficiency in production, combined with policies relating to questions of distribution and, in particular, the reduction of poverty and inequality.

More information

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