The Bartlett Development Planning Unit



The Development Planning Unit runs a doctoral research programme leading to the award of PhD, seven one-year Masters Degree courses and a professional Postgraduate Diploma.

We also provide specialist short courses in a range of fields, including gender policy and planning, environment, and social development. Specially tailored training programmes and courses are designed and run for specific governmental institutions, NGOs and international organisations.

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The Development Planning Unit (DPU) offers seven Master's programmes that can be taken either full or part-time over one to five years, all leading to an MSc.


The MPhil and PhD research programmes involve self-selected academic study in development, focusing on its political, economic, social and institutional dimensions.

DPU summerLab

SummerLab is a workshop which series aims to leverage the reality of the city as a laboratory for developing socially responsive design measures.

DPU Fellowship Schemes

The DPU offers a number of fellowships aimed at alumni, providing the opportunity to develop experience in the field.