The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Nicoleta Panagiotidou

Optimising beps, understanding the role and development of the bim execution

School research theme: Management of Projects
Research supervisor: Prof. Michael Pitt and Dr. Shen Wei
Start date: February 2018

The BIM Execution Plan, BEP is a vital part of the BIM Execution Planning process. The BEP is a process management document executed between the different members and parties of a BIM project and usually includes the standards, the responsibilities and the protocols used as a basis for BIM implementation. Despite the increased interest in BIM Execution Planning there is no significant research specifically tailored in BIM Execution Planning and the impact of a BIM Execution plan in the successful delivery of a BIM project.

The purpose of this study is to explore the role and development of the BIM Execution Plan in a BIM-enabled project; identify the conditions and factors that drive and affect the BIM execution planning process in different contexts and the overall impact of the BEP in the successful delivery of BIM projects.

The contribution of this research lies in the development of project-specific BEPs used by all parties in a BIM project and highlights important aspects that have not yet been considered critical factors in the development of BEPs. This study provides new insights into defining project-specific BEPs to be used both as an instrument for advancing the use of BIM and as a regulator of digitalised and collaborative practices.  

The management of BIM in practice remains challenging and often unstructured, and this study contributes to the effort of generating and establishing standard BEPs that could decrease confusion and mismanagement in BIM-enabled projects.